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when i was in kindergarten i had this babysitter who cooked the best steak i’d ever had and i’d always ask what it was and she said “people” every time and i’d laugh and ask what it really was and she’d just reply “people” and i found out in first grade that she got arrested and was sentenced to 50 years-life in prison

and that’s the story about how my babysitter was basically hannibal lecter and i was will graham for a whole year

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Uggs are amazing like have you ever worn an ugg? They are filled with warm fluff and protect your feet from rain and snow and your feet are always toasty no matter what and they make you feel like you are walking in a pillow and also they look hella cute with big sweaters. End Ugg hate 2014











I hate it when you’re reading smut and you can’t figure out what position they’re in.

sometimes it just ends up being something like





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"But you see I’m more of the type of girl who will wear jeans and my favorite shirt, instead of a short dress and new shoes. I spend more time finding the right book to read than applying my mascara. You will find me lost in a story and writing on napkins in coffee shops all over town, because that’s where I feel accepted. If you saw me you wouldn’t look twice, just because I am an average girl, a shy, introverted girl. It’s just not fair though, that I am looked at as unapproachable because of it. No one will come up to me and smile to ask my name or how I’m doing, they just don’t know, that maybe, when I look up from my book they’d see eyes that hold mysteries and a mind that could tell you hundreds of stories about the stars. They don’t know that I could form their personality into a poem that actually speaks the truth of their thoughts, or that maybe if we fell in love, my heartbeat’s would only say their name in the stillness of the night. Yet I am just over looked, I don’t catch anyone’s eye, or attention when I walk into a room. Because my waist is hidden behind this tee shirt, and my face is covered by my hair and my smile is lost in a sea of sadness and confusion. Behind all of this though, is a soul and a heart that is as deep and ever growing as the ocean, there’s so much to discover yet no one wants to jump in and take a chance."

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tell me boy meets world wasn’t brilliant

tell me

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snapchat quotesthe fault in our stars

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In an old house in Paris that was covered in vines…

no you don’t get it

this was my childhood

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